How Involve can work for your school

Co-curricular reporting, scheduling, registration, sign-ups and communication made simple

Managing co-curricular activities with ease

Our platform, driven by an AI algorithm, serves as an extension of your school’s MIS. It empowers music, sports, LAMDA, dance, clubs and learning support departments to effortlessly schedule weekly timetables with just one click, accounting for constraints such as restrictions, lesson rotations, teacher availability, and student attendance. It also provides innovative solutions for safeguarding, attendance, progress-tracking, billing and participation insight.

Easily generate reports covering all areas required for inspection compliance

Our Insights dashboard analyses and categorises participation across all co-curricular departments:

  • You can ensure equitable inclusion for students from a variety of student cohorts with reporting about the involvement for SEND, Pupil Premium, EAL and other at risk groups.
  • You can understand student engagement across the whole school and within a specific department.

Make it easy for students to sign up for clubs and societies

Our system allows administrators to effortlessly create clubs, add restrictions on who can join, enable self sign-up and promote inclusion by reserving spaces for specific student demographics (such as SEND, EAL and Pupil Premium).

Real-time data on club availability enables parents and students to browse, select, and sign up for clubs that align with their interests and availability.

Have a single source of truth where they can see all student information

Teachers and admins have a single view of all past, present and future lessons and clubs. They can also view and amend notes and attendance information for specific lessons and clubs, this can then be viewed by other teachers, parents and students too.

This helps to improve school communications among staff and external communications between the school and the parents/learners.

Save time and money without impacting the provision

Our MIS integration seamlessly unifies our platform with your existing MIS, meaning:

  • Co-curricular teachers can see exactly which subjects students are being taken out of and how many minutes of this subject they have missed.
  • Core subjects can be restricted, stopping students from missing these lessons.
  • Subject teachers receive daily inbox notifications about students leaving their lessons.

Main Features

NEW! Magic scheduling

Our bespoke AI-powered algorithm creates the best possible timetable accounting for previously missed subjects, academic subject restrictions, ad hoc activities, and teacher availability. All in one simple click.

NEW! Room Bookings

We’ve simplified room reservations for teachers and students alike. Book lessons, rehearsals, or practice, and see which instruments and equipment are available. The feature offers flexibility, last-minute changes and prevents double bookings.

Student Registration

Teachers and admins can mark individual and group attendance. You can even set up bespoke attendance codes and link your learners to the existing billing codes in order to streamline your billing process with our built-in reports.

Attendance Writeback

Instrumental teachers can record the attendance of all their students, and teachers will be notified which students will be attending music or LAMDA lessons during their subject.


Make accounting easy - visiting teachers can raise invoices with all relevant data imported.

Progress tracking

Admin, teachers and parents can see just how well the student is progressing through the Involve app

Integrates with every popular Management Information System

Find every system we integrate with along with helpful setup guides on the Wonde website

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