Safeguarding Procedures


Practice Pal is committed to ensuring the highest possible standard of safeguarding. The personal safety and wellbeing of each student and mentor using Practice Pal is paramount. Our site was developed with the aim of ensuring that online practice sessions take place in a safe environment. This is reflected in a number of key built-in features and a defined set of policies and procedures for the students, parents/responsible adults and mentors who use this service.

The following sections set out the procedures that should be followed if an incident occurs. The safety and wellbeing of any student or other person using Practice Pal is paramount. These procedures aim to ensure a prompt response to any incident and to minimise any further harm to a student or other person.

There are differing severities of behaviour which could be witnessed during an online practice session. Some behaviour would warrant only a report to Practice Pal; other behaviour may be of a more serious nature where a direct report to the police and the Local Authority Designated Officer may be necessary.

Each section below sets out the recommended procedure which should be followed. It is always the responsibility of the person alerted to the incident to take some action to protect the student or other person. Practice Pal will not be responsible for any non-compliance with the recommended procedure.

The procedures are not an exhaustive list; therefore if an incident occurs that is not covered in this document you should contact Practice Pal, the police and the Local Authority Designated Officer.